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Eye Infections known as Endophthalmitis is a term that describes an inflammation of the intraocular spaces that is usually caused by infection. Endophthalmitis can be exogenous or endogenous. The most common type of exogenous endophthalmitis is post-operative, such as after a cataract surgery. Other exogenous causes include ruptured globe or intraocular foreign body. Endogenous endophthalmitis results from bacteria that originated from another part of the body, with spread to the eye from the source of infection through the blood stream. Non-infectious, or sterile, endophthalmitis can result from inflammation related to retained lens material or a reaction to intraocular drugs such as steroids.

Endophthalmitis typically causes fairly sudden decreased vision, pain, and eye redness. Other symptoms include light sensitivity, headache, and periocular inflammation. Sometimes, however, there is little pain or redness. Most cases of postoperative enophthalmitis occur within days of the surgery. Sometimes, more indolent organisms can cause chronic, low-grade inflammation or cause infection months after surgery. In endogenous cases the patient may have a fever or other symptoms related to the infectious source elsewhere in the body.

Endophthalmitis is one of the most devastating eye complications that can occur following trauma or intraocular surgery, and Wagner Macula & Retina often receives referrals to treat post-operative or traumatic cases of endophthalmitis.

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Dr. Alan Wagner is a board certified, fellowship trained ophthalmologist specializing in vitreoretinal surgery. He is Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at EVMS and the Medical College of Virginia and serves as a research consultant at the Strelitz Diabetes Institute. A highly trained macular and retinal surgeon, Dr. Wagner is on the medical staff at most area hospitals, including pediatric units and children’s hospitals.

Diabetes Eye Care - Dr. Kapoor

Diabetes Eye Care - Dr. Kapoor


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