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Welcome to the new Wagner Macula & Retina Center's website! We are very excited to roll out a new formatted online experience encouraging visitors to peruse our informational webpage to your heart's content. Our new website consists of all of the great information that was included on the old page but much more! We have an easier review platform that allows anyone to see what others are saying about us! This is under the "Testimonials" tab on our front page. Aside from the sleek, new design, some of the information has been updated. Take a look under the "Services" and "Patient Portal" tabs to see what i'm talking about! Under our Patient Portal tab, you will now find two portals for patients to access their medical records and their billing information. If you are unsure on how to access either of these portals, please give us a call and someone will assist you.

Another new feature of our website is our interactive maps! If you scroll down on the Home page you will see all 9 of our locations. These new maps are Google integrated so finding our offices should be a breeze! On our "For Patients" screen under Patient Forms, you will find material that might be necessary for your visit with Wagner Macula & Retina Center. If you are a New Patient, please bring a completed "Wagner Retina New Patient Form" with you to your visit. For other physicians or patients who are curious about our Research Department, the "Clinical Trials" tab has additional information on our current clincal trials. Also, we have one more new feature in which we are particularly excited about. It's our new "Blog" tab where we will be writing educational and fun blogs about what's going on at Wagner Macula & Retina Center. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our new blog! There will be plenty more to come! If you have any additional questions or concerns about our new website, please reach out to us at 757-481-4400

Thank you again!


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